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OMG - I could easily throw insults but the work speaks for itself

The doors installed are crooked - the framing gets indented into the gyp rock at the top of the door and there is a 2" trip hazard ledge at the bottom of the door.

Then the so-called basement repair turned into a long piece of sheet metal sticking out a foot from the house - wait a minute - its leaking in the basement - so let put new siding up instead - cheesh

And when you question him - he becomes angry and attacks you -

To top things off, he cut wood off the table saw in the garage, blowing sawdust all over the inside, tracked mud in the living room and left sharp metal objects laying around - hey buddy - there are children playing here

Upon further observation, this guy initially installed a window framed to the inside of the house instead of the outside like the rest of the windows.

He lied about when he was going to come and do the job, he lied about putting sod down - where he just threw some grass seed down, he lied about what work he was actually going to do and lied about the property damage he caused

He broke and lost 3 door locks, he broke 2 flood lights and he used the tenants hydro.

Oh yes - and to top things off, he has creating a slipping hazard in the winter at the base of the two doors, he used old wood behind the new siding he put up and has done nothing but act like a spoiled immature person when it came to any question being asked of him as to his work

By the way, did I mention the thick caulking he used to cover up gaps as much as an inch apart.

Perhaps the best part is the yellow foam spray sticking out the sides on the inside trim bulging the trim out by as much as 3/4"

So its up to you - if you think work like that is fantastic - he is the guy for you. If you dont like work like that, then dont hire him - just warn your neighbours instead

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Was he from Lyndhurst north of Kingston?

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